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Oxhorn Multi-Funtions Charger 87W

USB Type C(PD 3.0) + Quick Charge 4.0 + Laptop Charger

Including Type C to Type C charging cable

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Product Features:

1. Fast charging with up to 87W of power.
2. Perfect solution to Apple Macbook, Dell, HP, Chrombook,Lenovo, Acer, Asus and
other devices using USB-C Power Delivery.
3. Adopt Qualcomm  Quick Charge  4.0 technology, fast charging all the QC 4.0, QC3.0 and
QC 2.0 devices. It allows you to charge or sync up to 3 smart devices while keeping your MacBook or laptop charged
4. With Charger Accessories Pack ( sold separately), the USB-A ports could charge regular laptops
by interchangeable DC tips.
5. Worldwide use with AC input 100-240V.
6. Ultra slim and curved housing design, compact and portable.
7. Multiple safety protection: over current protection, over voltage protection, short
circuit protection, over temperature protection.

Approvals: AUS Approval, C-tick, CE

Product specifications:

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1A

  • USB-C: DC 5 ~ 15V Max 3A / 20V Max 4.3A
  • USB-A: DC 3.6 ~ 15V 3A  / 16 ~ 20V 3.5A

Size:  110 x 96 x 20 mm
Weight:  236 g

Package Content:

  1. AC adapter body
  2. AC power cable
  3. Vertical Stand
  4. USB Type C to Type C Charging cable 1m
  5. User manual

Charger Accessories Pack (sold separately):

(for charge laptop/notebook)

Pack A : (including: 1 x connection cable 1.2 m and 6 DC tips)

  • N07:  5.5*2.5*10.7 mm  (for BENQ: 19V2.1A,IBM:18V1.9A,19V2.4A,19V3.16A,19V/4.2A; DELL:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A; DELTA:19V/2.64A,COMPAQ/HP:18.5V/4.9A,19V/4.9A; TOSHIBA:18V1.9A,18V1.7A,19V1.58A,19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A; ASUS:19V 4.74A)
  • N22:  7.4*5.0*12.5 mm  (for DELL: 19.5V/3.34A, 19.5V/4.62A etc.)
  • N23:  7.4*5.0*12.5 mm   (for HP/COMPAQ: 18.5V3.5A,18.5V/4.9A etc.)
  • N24:  7.9*5.5*0.9 mm (for IBM/LENOVO: 20V/4.5A,20V/3.25A etc.)
  • N35: 11*5.6*11 mm (for Lenovo 20V 2.25A,20V 3.25A,20V 4.5A.)
  • N36: 4.5*3.0*11 mm (for HP:19.5V2.31A,3.33A,4.62A and etc)

Pack B:  (including: 1 x connection cable 1.2 m and 6 DC tips)

  • N04: 4.8*1.7*10.7 mm (for HP/COMPAQ:18.5V/2.7A,18.5V/3.5A,18.5V/3.8A,18.5V/4.9A; DELTA:19V/2.64A,19V6.3A; ASUS:19V/2.64A;NEC:19V/2.64A)
  • N05: 4.0×1.7×10.7 mm (for HP:19V 1.58A , Lenovo: 20V 2.25A)
  • N11: 5.5*1.7*10.7 mm (for TOSHIBA: 19V/3.95A; ACER: 19V1.58A,19V3.16A,19V/3.42A; LITEON: 19V3.42A, DELTA: 20V/3.5A)
  • N33: 3.0*1.0*8 mm (for Samsung Ultrabook; Asus  etc.)
  • N40: 4.0*1.35*11 mm (for Asus: 19V 2.37A, 19V 3.42A)
  • N42: 4.5*3.0*11 mm (for Dell: 19.5V2.31A, 19.5V 3.33A)


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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