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Oxhorn Laptop Charger Surface Pro Kit

15V, 2.58A
(Only works with Oxhorn NB-PD40 & NB-PD87-plus)

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(for charge laptop/notebook, only works with Oxhorn USB Type C & Quick Charge 3.0 Laptop Chargers)

Package content: 

1 x Laptop Connection Cable

1 x Laptop DC Connectors (N46)

DC Connectors details: 

  • N46 ( for Surface Pro 5, 6, 7) ;  15V  2.58A)
(Caution: this Accessories Kit only works with Oxhorn NB-PD40 & NB-PD87-plus Laptop Chargers. Do not use it in any other devices or chargers, it may damage your Surface Pro. )


How to use this Charger Accessories Kit with Oxhorn Type C & QC 3.0 Laptop Chargers to charge your Surface Pro

  1. Choose the right DC connector for your laptop/notebook.
  2.  Connect the DC connector into the Laptop DC connection cable (as picture A).
  3. Plug the USB A of the Laptop DC connection cable into any USB port of the charger (as picture B). Connec the charger to the main power, and then you are ready to go.



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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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